20+ Sophie Turner Movies and TV Shows

Sophie Turner Movies and TV Shows

Full Name: Sophie Belinda Turner

Spouse: Joe Jonas

Occupation: Actress

Children: 1

Born: 21 February 1996

Birth Place: Northampton, England

Bio: She is an English actress her debut show was HBO Game of Thrones in the show sea dispute as Sansa Stark as one of the main characters in the show she received quite a few awards most important of them is primetime Emmy award-nominated for the “outstanding supporting actress in a drama series”.

Sophie Turner Movies and TV Shows List

Movies by Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner is currently fresh in Hollywood, thus se has done only 5 movies till now.

1. Another Me 2013

Another me is a 2013 movie. It is a psychological thriller drama directed by Isabel Coixet. This movie is based on a 2003 novel by the same name written by Catherine MacPhail. The runtime of this movie is of 86 Minutes. Another Me was originally released in Spanish and English in Spain and United Kingdom respectively.

Sophie Turner Movies and TV shows

2. Barely lethal 2015

A little is an action comedy film this film is directed by Kyle Newman and written by Jon D’arco. Barely Lethal was released on 29 may, 2015 in United States. This movies budget was of $15 Million but it earned merely $933,847 (Source: Wikipedia). The total runtime of the movie is 98 minutes.

Sophie Turner Movies and TV shows

3. X-Men Apocalypse 2016

We all probably know about this movie. This is an American superhero film. It is produced by Bryan Singer and written by Simon Kinberg. This film is based on the X-Men fictional comic book by Marvel.Some other main stars of the movie are James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Oscar Issac, Nicholas Hoult, Olivia Munn, etc.

This movie was released in the English language in the United States. The runtime of X-Men Apocolypse is 144 minutes, this is a long movie. The budget was $178 Million and grossed around $543.9 Million (Source: Wikipedia).

Sophie Turner Movies and TV shows

4. Josie 2018

Joshi is an American thriller drama film which was released in 2018. It is written by Anthony Ragnone II. In this movie Sophie Turner plays the character of a girl named Joshi who is transferred to the southern town of payment where she draws the attention of local recluse Hank.

Sophie Turner Movies and TV shows

5. Time Freak 2018

Time Freak is a science-fiction comedy-drama film written and directed by Andrew Bowler; it was released in 2018. This movie was released in the United States on 9 November 2018. This movie collected around $516,084, which is Ok OK I guess. The runtime of Time Freak is 108 minutes.

Sophie Turner Movies and TV shows

6. Dark Phoenix 2019

This is the second film of Sophie Turner in the X Men series dark Phoenix is a superhero movie e based on the Marvel Comics X-Men in this movie she plays the character of Jean Grey this movie was released in 2019 America.

Sophie Turner Movies and TV shows

7. Heavy 2019

Heavy is a thriller-based movie it is being set in New York it centers on a crazy couple. This movie was released in 2019 it is one hour 35 minutes long. The movie’s other main stars are Daniel Zovatto, Daryl Britt-Gibson, Andreas Epigeous, and Matias Varela.

Sophie Turner Movies and TV shows

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Sophie Turner Movies and TV Shows List

TV Shows by Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner has done 6 TV Shows till now one of them is very famous, yes you guessed right i.e. Game of Thrones. Her other TV shows are.

1. Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones is the worldwide most popular TV Serial. This is also the debut TV serial of Sophie Turner as the main actress. This TV show is a TV adaptation of the novel “A Song of Fire and Ice” by George R.R. Martin. This series has 8 seasons, Seasons 1-7 are very popular but the season 8 finale is said to be somewhat not to the hype. Well that’s for you to decide.

game of thrones

2. The Thirteenth Tale

The thirteenth tale Izzat drama best TV series full stop this series is based on the thirteenth tale by Diane Satterfield novel. Its story is written by Christopher Hampton and the show is directed by James Kent.

The main stars of this TV series are Olivia Colman,  Vanessa Redgrave, Sophie Turner, Stephen Mackintosh, Alexandra Roach, Emily Beacham,  and Tom Goodman. Its main theme music is composed by Benjamin Wallfisch. This series is of the United Kingdom the main language of this TV series is in English.

sophie turner movies and tv shows

3. Survive

Survive is an adventure drama thriller based on the novel survived by Alex Morel. Service story follows as the name suggests there are two people Jin and Paul who are the only survivors of a plane crash in a distant mountain. Now they have to do everything to keep themselves alive.

The cost of the service includes Sophie Turner as Jain, Corey Hawkins as Paul, Terence Maynard as Doctor M, Elliott Wooster as Phil.


4. Home Movie: The Princess Bride

This is an American comedy miniseries the show is directed by Jason Reitman and produced by Van Toffler, Barry Barclay, and Floris Bauer. This series aired between June 29 to July 8, 2020. There is a total of 10 episodes in the Home movie the princess bride.

Reitman thought of making this series in early 2019 during the start of the pandemic. He thought that this series could generate some money to support the restaurants that are doing badly due to this pandemic situation. He also wanted to distribute meals to poor and needy peoples through the earning of this series.

Thankfully he was able to raise $1 Million and help through donating in charity.

home movie the princess bride

5. The Prince

It is an animated sitcom, being released in United States. It is created by Gary Janetti. There are several actors and actresses who are working as voice artists in this sitcom. Sophie Turner is voicing Prince Charlotte, and other main voice actors in the sitcom are Prince George is voiced by Gary Janetti, Prince Harry is voiced by Orlando Bloom, etc.

This show was to be released in May 2021, but due to actual Prince Philip’s death in April 2021 it was postponed till further notice.

This show also caused many controversies due to its targeted audience. Critics are saying that to get a cheap laugh we should not target children of 7-9 age. These types of shows are morally wrong.

the prince

6. The Staircase

This is a Crime-Drama TV Show miniseries to be released in the United States. It is written by Antonio Campos and Maggie Cohn. The main stars of this TV Series are Colin Firth, Toni Collette, Rosemarie DeWitt, Juliette Binoche, Parker Posey, and Sophie Turner.

In this TV Series, Sophie Turner is acting as Margaret Ratliff. In the TV Show, Michael Peterson is accused of murdering his own wife after she is found dead on the staircase.

sophie turner movies and tv shows

Sophie Turner Movies and TV Shows List

Music Videos

  1. Oblivion by Bastille (2014).
  2. Sucker by Jonas Brothers (2019).
  3. What a man gotta do by Jonas Brothers (2020).

Sophie Turner Movies and TV Shows List


What are Sophie Turner’s top 3 movies?

In my opinion, keeping all outside influence aside, Sophie Turner’s top 3 movie are X-Men Apocalypse, Dark Phoenix, and Another Me.

In your opinion, what are Sophie Turner’s top 3 TV Shows?

Sophie turner’s top 3 TV shows are of course Game of Thrones, then The Staircase, and last would be Survive.

Name some music videos of Sophie Turner?

Sophie Turner performed in three music videos in total first is by Bastille named “Oblivion”, and two other are by Jonas Brothers named “Sucker” and “What a man gotta do”.

Sophie Turner Movies and TV Shows List


That’s it for the “20+ Sophie Turner Movies and TV Shows”, we hope that you have found your next movie or series to watch.

We have included only famous ones, but you can suggest other movies and tv shows in the comment box given below.

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