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Angu Vaikuntapurathu

Angu Vaikuntapurathu a Telugu action, comedy, family drama movie released on Makar Sankranti by Allu Arvind with Pooja Hegde Sachin Khedekar along with veteran actors and the main cast members supporting it.

This film is directed by Trivikram Srinivas. He has previously directed films like S / o Satyamurti, Airwind Shamita. On the auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti Angu Vaikuntapurathu, I watched the madness of this movie by opening the book My Show app, all the shows have been housefull ever since the film was released and that too all over in India, it makes us see the madness of the film in the public.

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The movie has already earned enough good reviews and appreciation from both the audiences and the critics.

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Angu Vaikuntapurathu: Summary

I thought Angu Vaikunthapurramloo would be a typical masala film family film but Surprisingly proved to be a very entertaining film here. The film did not bore me anywhere from the beginning till the end, I enjoyed the entire film and especially the second half.

The story was common and typical. Initially, I felt that I had seen such a film, but the whole film gave me a different experience because there are a lot of  characters in this film and apart from this, I love some songs from the film very much, I really liked the performance of Allu Arjun Ji, probably the best performance I have seen so far and this film too,

I will call it his best film. There are a lot of songs in this film but none of the songs bored me because the dance performance of Aloo Arjun Ji was very excellent in it, especially the boardroom scene which is oh dear that was awesome I’d like to watch that again.

At that time, you should see the entire theater, everyone was enjoying that scene so much, and then a 90’s background sound in the fight scene in that ending was very much enjoyed by the people. Somewhere in the middle of the film, this film looks overdramatic, illogical and Action scenes were over-the-top.

The kind of tone of the film was catching up suited this kind of stuff. I really enjoyed them wholeheartedly. I’m not going to tell you about the story of the film here. But we will discuss a little the basic concept of the film.

Movie Comparison of Angu Vaikuntapurathu

See now, you must have seen the (Good News) of Akshay Kumar. The film wants to tell his basic concept that my blood, my family, and my sperm do not matter nowadays and all these things are backward thinking. But if we talk about Angu Vaikuntapurathu, then the basic theme of this film, Basic Concepts is also a bit common, My blood my family my grandson my son my family values the whole story of the film revolves around things and all these things matter, this is what the film wants to say.

A person who lives only for his selfishness, whose mind is black, does harm to another, it is a sin and how can a sinner never succeed in life, this is what the film wants to tell. The person who is of a clean mind, has clear thoughts, a person who maintains the relationship, wherever he goes he lives like a king this film also tries to say this too.

FAQ for Angu vaikuntapurathu

Is Angu Vaikuntapurathu available on Netflix?

Yes, the Allu Arjun starred Angu Vaikauntapurathu is available for streaming on Netflix,  you can easily stream it on the app or web platform. 

What is the initial earning of Angu Vaikuntapurathu?

In its first nine days, the movie Angu Vaikuntpurathu earned around Rs. 300 Crore, of which most of its collection i.e. Rs. 200 Crore is from Andhra Pradesh itself.


The dialogues of the film were also very good, some dialogues have said a lot in short words such as “This is not a temple where anyone can come” “ य कोई मंदिर नहीं है जहां कोई भी आ सकता है”  I loved this dialogue so much. I like the Telugu film industry very much because Telugu film Industry gives importance to our moral values, family values ​​, and culture.

Angu vaikuntapurathu made me laugh a lot, did a little emotional, its action sequence is very entertaining, I also like its sound and visual effects. Allu Arjun was really very good in this film. When this film will be dubbed in Hindi, that’s all I want to be dubbed correctly.

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