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Jani Dushman Movie Ek Anokhi Kahani” translated in English as “Mortal Enemy an Extraordinary Story” and to be very honest it truly is extraordinary. Today we will talk about the Jani Dushman Movie 2002 full and review. Just for the record, I’m talking about the one that was released in 2002 directed by Rajkumar Kohli who also made the previous 1979 version. The 1979 version actually got 6 out of 10 on IMDB and 2002 about 2.6. How in the world was he able to make the newer version even worse with an all-star cast like Akshay Kumar, Suneil Shetty, Sunny Deol, etc.

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Jani Dushman Movie 2002 Full:


They did the first scene opening very poorly in the movie Jaani Dushman. My guess is they’re trying to show a wedding in a galaxy far far away.

Here we have Rajesh who is getting married. We have his closest friends coming on the stage one by one to congratulate him.

Let’s talk about Jaani Dushman Cast, we have Vijay played by Suneil Shetty, Atul played by Akshay Kumar, Vivek played by Sonu Nigam, Victor played by Sharad Kapoor our funny guy of the movie Abdul played by Arshad Warsi, Ashok played by Aditya Pancholi and Prem played by Aftab Shivdasani. 

Prem,  believe it or not just came out of a car accident and his friend Rajesh refuses to recognize him because he looks like a bum 

Rajesh even tells him that he’s thankful for him not going to the hospital and that he saved him money on flowers.

I do realize I didn’t bother naming any of the girls in the movie. To be very honest that’s

because I am not interested in going far too long besides the Jaani Dushman actress name which doesn’t serve any purpose of the movie.

They don’t have any significant role except for ensuring the audience that the characters indeed are not homosexual.

Let’s come back to our funny Abdul though he’s not funny, he’s like the kid on the block that makes every situation worse.

He’s that kid the situation is the movie and he makes it worse by opening his goddamn mouth.

As the dinner starts Prem and Atul convinced Rajesh to go and have s*x with his newly bride during the wedding reception.

Isn’t that what we all came to see an exotic s*x scene in an Indian movie.

Jani Dushman Movie 2002 Full:

First Appearance

Part I

Not that I’m not impressed by the amazing special effects I’ve seen on the screen but what really blows my mind is how accurate the human anatomy is in the Jaani Dushman full movie. 

I mean let’s compare them you can tell she was big boned.

It throws Rajesh to the window to his death while he tries to warn his friends as he’s dying. 

But at all seems more interested in the whereabouts of the bride.

The perfectly shaped human skeleton disappears and everybody goes to the police station to file for murder.

Now since none of our friends know much about the girl Victor decides to go to the photo lab to get a picture of the bride and he finds out she’s not in the picture.

Back to the skeleton we find out that it was really Divya played by the actress Manisha Koirala who was playing a bipolar ghost. 

Then we dive into her flashback before the Galactic wedding took place. 

We were brought to a much simpler time where our cast are college students at the Indian Institute of Education. 

We have Rajesh and his friend who are very horny and they’re looking to reap something.

So they sneak into the girls hostel and have their way with Divya and her roommate was taking a shower. 

While Rajesh was forcing Divya he was interrupted by Karan played by Sunny Deol.

Karan beats the crap out of them and brings them all with the principal of the Institute who is a priest played by Raj Babbar.

Principal tells them he’s going to call the cops but Karan decides to keep the matter within school property so the image of the school is not ruined.

Part II

The priest tells them that they will not be expelled only if Divya forgives you. 

The two dumbasses begged Divya for forgiveness but she doesn’t accept the apology for obvious reasons, we then have the entire cast asking Divya to forgive him because they believe this was a  forgivable act.

At one point Divya asks one of them if this would happen to their girlfriends what they would do.

Under all this Divya forgave them.

After a special jaani dushman song we find out that Karan and Divya are engaged and he’s leaving for London for a business trip when he comes back they will set a date for the wedding.

This is what Karan wanted to tell her that day when he kicked in the door as she was casually being forced. 

Vivek and Karan are having a chat at the airport where we discover Vivek is Karan’s stepbrother.

Jani Dushman movie 2002 Full:


Back to Divya who is charmed by a person singing she follows the voice into the woods and we are introduced to Kapil played by Armaan Kohli the son of our director.

Kapil’s a supernatural snake who’s been waiting for Divya for hundreds of years. 

She was called the Vasundra in her previous life and both of them were lovers.

Kapil drops a diamond, she licks it and it triggers a flashback. 

Within the flashback they dance like baboons on top of an old man meditating.

The priest is disturbed and he curses the couple, the Sundra assertive sunset and the couple will enjoy his forever lonely life.

They both beg for forgiveness by bashing their heads on rocks in front of them but she dies anyways. 

The priest feels bad and tells Kapil that he’s to meditate in a tree until present day where they will be reunited, and flashback ends. 

We now return to the present where the rest of our cast are planning a valentine’s day party at a fort.

They invite Divya but she refuses so Rajesh mimics everyone’s voice in order to convince her to come an hour earlier than the party.

There he and his moustache friend finally get to finish what they started. Divya decides to kill herself by running into a sharp log everyone arrives at the party and are shocked to see her dying.

She accuses them for what happened to her, meanwhile Kapil just happens to be strolling by when he sees Divya dying then he asks Kapil to kill everyone.

Then Kapil transforms into some type of bodyguard this literally blows everyone away except for the mustache guy who kills my French kissing. 

Jani Dushman Full Movie

Jani Dushman Movie 2002 Full:


We now return to the present where we learned that Divya was talking to Kapil all along. Wait, doesn’t he already know all of this? I mean he was there when this happened. but

Just to add more to the confusion Kapil tells Divya that she can’t kill anyone without possessing somebody first which raises the question on her killing method for Rajesh she was a big bones


Just to make the matters even more confusing the whole group regrets being friends with Rajesh because of what happened to Divya and here I thought that the entire cast had not known that audacious moustache friend were behind her suicide.

If they knew all of this why were they acting all friendly at his wedding I mean was he arrested was he forgiven.

Again do they not care about the moustache guy being killed? The flashback meant for them not us if they know that Divya killed Rajesh? Why did they bother going to the cops why didn’t Victor ask who the bride was.

After all this Atul has the best way to cheer everybody up for its birthday party.

As Victor and his girlfriend are driving to the party to bike breaks down then they ask for a lift, the girl gets a ride from this family cuz they only have space for one.

Well Victor he takes a ride from a stranger(Kapil), Victor gets thrown out of the car. 

Kapil chases him, Victor outsmarts Kapil by getting into the car and riding away and then Kapil brings out a motorcycle from his overcoat.

Anyways Kapil manages to kill Victor in the most random way ever. 

Revenge Part II

He then transforms into Victor and goes to the party, as Vijay was coming to the party he sees paramedics taking the dead body of Victor away.

Vijay reaches the party and tells everyone about Kapil, the lights go out and Kapil throws Abdul into the pool of the second floor.

He then transforms into a low class Electro from Spiderman and electrocutes Abdul.

After the death of the moustache man, Rajesh, Victor and Abdul, Vivek the genius finally figured out that everyone will be killed.

Just at the moment principal walks in telling them that he knows the entire situation cuz not only

He is the principal, a priest, he’s also a professor of parapsychology so he’s going to call the spirit of Divya and get some answers.

He calls Divya’s spirit, they ask some questions, she accuses them, they argue again, Atul shoots with a gun on the spirit and says “Now you got to Hell.”

Wait a minute, why does he have a gun on school property? He even fires it in front of the principal and they never speak of this ever again and why is he shooting it at an apparition even though the principal is making fun of him.

Jani Dushman Movie 2002 Full

The Pendant

The principal gives all the boys necklaces with the pendant that has various religious symbols, Atul refuses to wear it because he’s an atheist, until this happens.

In the next scene, we see Atul and his girlfriend making up a plan to meet up, meanwhile, Kapil makes her unconscious and turns into her. 

While Atul is getting ready for his hot day he forgets to wear the one thing that saved his life.

Kapil carries out his plan by charming Atul off a cliff which fails because Atul’s girlfriend pulls him back.

Having failed to seduce and kill Atul Kapil does what any one of us would do.

After a fight between Atul and Kapil, Atul is knocked out and does not have this necklace. This guy is the t1000(Kapil) but he doesn’t kill him why?

Atul is taken to a hospital where we learn that he’s in a coma meanwhile the land where nobody cares Prem gets his turn on by hiding in bushes and fantasizing about Ashok’s girl.

Divya possesses Prem who kills Ashok and the cops arrest Prem.

During the court hearing the lawyer calls Ashok’s girlfriend, she blames it all on Prem and he gets the death penalty.

On the other side of land filled with plot holes Vijay gets possessed by Divya in the gym.

He then proceeds to go to the rooftop warning his girlfriend to stay away but she doesn’t listen. She grabs two juice heads to stop him from jumping off and they fail.

Jani Dushman Movie 2002 Full:

Final Fight

Kapil decides to call Vivek just to let him know that hey you will die.

Vivek calls his brother Karan, if you still remember him, telling him the entire situation Karan tells him that he’s on his way back.

Vivek also calls the principal over and when the principal arrives he tells him to throw away the picnic. 

This will lure Kapil and the principal can finish him off once and for all.

Vivek, the idiot that he is, does just that and the principal turns out to be Kapil.

The real principal shows up and rather than staying with Vivek he decides to go and look for Kapil. 

Karan(actually Kapil) arrives and tells Vivek that he’s going to kill him because he’s not his real brother. 

He strikes on Vivek, but real Karan arrives and Kapil has to run away.

Karan gets arrested for attempted murder of his brother and he gets a visit from Divya who fills them in.

Final Fight II

Karan uses his legendary kicks to break down the cell door and escape. 

Kapil goes to the hospital where Vivek and Atul are.

Atul wakes from his coma, he fights Kapil and gets stabbed.

Vivek runs away on the boat Kapil runs on water after Vivek and gets tackled by Atul.

See people Atul here is the real engine here think about it he’s fought the t1000, lives through a coma, got stabbed in the chest, tackle the super being in the water survived from drowning in the water just to be able to go back to the college and give a speech to his principal then he died.

The principal now prays to all the gods in every religion for their help meanwhile Karan reaches the factory because that’s where all final fights happen.

Karan fights Kapil only to get an iron pipe in his back but thankfully, the principal prayers have been answered and all the religious figures lend their power to Karan just so he could rip Kapil into two pieces.

That’s it.

Q. Box office collection of Jani Dushman movie?

A. Total collection of Jaani Dushman in India is Rs. 17,89,00,000. While it’s first day collection was Rs. 1,35,00,000.

Q. Who are the main actors in Jani Dushman movie?

A. There are many actors in Jani Dushman movie some main of them are Sunil Shetty, Akshay Kumar, Sunil Deol, Sonu Nigam, Arshad Warsi, etc.

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