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Jinde Meriye Full Movie

Full Story

Yadi falls in love with Rahmat, an innocent and focused student. Rahmat’s father decides to settle down with a lawgiver named Yuvi, who puts Rahmat at a crossroads in his life.

Jinde Meriye (2020) is an Indian Punjabi romantic film, directed by Pankaj Batra. The film stars Parmish Verma, Sonam Bajwa, Yuvraj Hans, and Navneet Kaur Dhillon in the lead roles. 

The film Jinde Meriye is produced by Pankaj Batra, Ashu Munish Sahni, Aniket Kawade, Preeti Batra, and Amandeep Singh and co-produced by Mandeep Dhami.

The story is about Yadi (Parmish) who believes in achieving quick success and luxury through shortcuts. Yadi falls in love with Rahmat (Sonam Bajwa), an innocent and focused girl. His love blossoms during his college days, but his father is not like Yadi. Rahmat chooses her family. She shifted to Scotland.

His father chooses for him a boy named Yuvi (Yuvraj Hans), who has a golden heart. Meanwhile, Yadi falls into drug dealing and joins a mafia in England. He gets all the luxuries he wants but loneliness because Rahmat is missing in his life. 

A police constable (Navneet Dhillon) tries to change his life, but Yadi does not understand all this and eventually, he shoots at him.

Parmish played a satisfying but weak role in emotional dialogues, no doubt in the film. Sonam Bajwa is a talented actress but her acting here was weak. Yuvraj Hans did well but his role is not well written. He needed more space. Navneet also performed well but did not get any scope. The camera focuses entirely on Parmish.


What is the total earning of Jinde Meriye in the first week?

Jinde Meriye on its first day mad around Rs. 0.40 Crore and its first week total were around Rs. 4.50 Crore.

Where can I watch Jinde Meriye Online?

Currently, it is not available on any OTT platform. Once it Is available we will notify you.

Jinde Meriye Full Movie

Movie Screenshots

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Jinde Meriye Full Movie

Movie Cast

Directed by:-Pankaj Batra
Produced by:-Pankaj Batra
Ashu Munish Sahni
Aniket Kawade
Preeta Batra
Amandeep Singh
Written by:-Pankaj Batra
Starring:-Parmish Verma
Sonam Bajwa
Yuvraj Hans
Music by:Hitesh Modak
Desi Crew
Production Companies:-Pankaj Batra Films
Omjee Star Studios
Nuclear Productions
Release Date:-24 January 2020

Jinde Meriye Full Movie

Popular Movie Songs

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2. Parmish Verma | Tere Bin |Troy Arif ft. Abhijeet Srivastava |Sonam Bajwa |Pankaj Batra |Jinde Meriye

3. Dilpreet Dhillon| Glock| Parmish Verma| Sonam Bajwa| Pankaj Batra| Jinde Meriye| Latest Punjabi Song

Jinde Meriye Full Movie


Movie Jind Meriye stars Parmish Verma and Sonam Bajwa. I will begin with the things I like First of all Sonam Bajwa is looking amazing and her acting is fantastic. I felt quite satisfied with her acting. Jinde Meriye can make a movie that wants to do many things at once.

This is such a romantic movie in which the female lead has completely left aside the male lead role of Jinde Meriye. In front of experienced and beautiful actress Sonam Bajwa, Parmish Verma appeared to be conscious of himself, whether it’s because of his acting or anything else we can’t say clearly.  

Maybe this absence of chemistry between both of them is the reason the movie Jinde Meriye comes out as emotionless or you can say pretty much flat in the theatres. 

But, with Parmish Verma in the movie one was sure to go in a good direction and that was music, all the songs seemed to be well directed and came with good chemistry with the storyline.

One thing that could easily arise in the mind of the audience is that what happened to Pankaj Batra’s direction. The man who gave us big hits like Sajjan Singh Rangroot and Bambukat seem to be off his game. His direction and production skills are in question because of the Jinde Meriye movie. 

Pankaj Batra’s recent movies have left a bad taste on their audience be it his latest movie Jinde Meriye or High-End Yaariyan.

Although Parmish Verma has shown some ray of hope in this movie, as he didn’t repeat his Singham movie blunder in this one again. 

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